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Institute for European and Globalization Studies

Council of Europe resolution 1481


Council of Europe resolution 1481

The following text is taken from Wikipedia.

It condemned "the massive human rights violations committed by totalitarian communist regimes and expressed sympathy, understanding and recognition for the victims of these crimes". It also said these violations "included individual and collective assassinations and executions, death in concentration camps, starvation, deportations, torture, slave labour and other forms of mass physical terror.".

The full draft recommendation by rapporteur Göran Lindblad was issued with great majority by the Political Affairs committee. However, it did not receive the necessary two-thirds majority of the votes cast in the Parliamentary Assembly. The group of communist parties strongly opposed the resolution. The resolution was supported by the EPP/CD, ED, liberal groups and some social democrats, especially from countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic or the Baltic countries.

Final voting results

153 members were present and voted (out of 317)

99 members voted in favor of the Resolution 1481

42 members voted against the Resolution 1481

12 members abstained from voting.


Text of the resolution

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