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Institute for European and globalization studies

Institute for European and Globalization Studies




July 8, 2016, at the French University Paris-Saclay, at its component UVSQ, prof. Ph.D. Andjelko Milardovic participated as a rapporteur as a part of the international committee for the defense of the doctoral thesis of Ms. Sanja Vujacic, who has explored the key issues of the globalization: "The regulation of interstate relations in a position of dependence", through modeling and simulation of management system for the regulation of interstate relations in the Croatian region.

It is a transdisciplinary research in the scientific field of international relations, which is in line with the structural properties of social and adaptive systems, and is based on natural laws, in particular the principles of self-organization and complexity. The theoretical and methodological bases of Sanja Vujacic’s research are complex thought of Edgar Morin, modeling complexity of Jean-Louis Le Moigneu and "macroscope" as defined by Joël de Rosnay. By concluding, systematic analysis of the Croatian transition, PhD candidate has defined the transition as the product of inter / transnational imbrication between neoliberal, legal and illegal: intelligence, military, media, political, financial, economic and legal organizations in the conditions of globalization, that is, in terms of hierarchical interdependence between the three control levels (national, regional and international). In the absence of own, precise foreign policy project that would, within the Euro-Atlantic, valorize specific interests of the protection and development of Croatian territory, Croatian national regulatory level is left to higher levels of regulatory management through a balanced and mutualist antagonistic interaction between the two own ago-antagonistic actor-networks, international and transnational.

International Commission convened the following members: the French side prof. Ph.D. Yves Poirmeur - UVSQ, prof. Ph.D. Thomas Lindemann - L'Ecole polytechnique, the Croatian side prof. Ph.D. Andjelko Milardovic - IMIN, the Lebanese sides (in the context of the Franco-Lebanese cooperation) Ph.D. Sami Salhab - Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth and Ph.D. Tony George Atallah - Université de Beyrouth libanaise, and with the presence of the international cooperation Prof. Yasser Alay - Lisvori UVSQ.

The Committee for the defense of the doctoral thesis, after a public defense, rendered a unanimous decision that the PhD Sanja Vujacic successfully defended her doctoral dissertation and proposed her to be promoted to the title of Doctor of the scientific field of political science, the scientific field of international relations. This meeting of international scientists in Paris yielded the initiative to continue the multidisciplinary scientific cooperation, especially in the context of the EU R & D program, Horizon 2020.











PHOTOGALLERY, PARIS Sanja Vujačić ,prof. Anđelko Milardović  - IMIN /INEGS/ Split-Zagreb ,Yves Poirmeur – UVSQ /Paris, Sami Salhab – Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrut , Tony Georges Atallah – Université libanaise de Beyrouth i Yasser Alayli – LISV UVSQ ,Paris.

2.Part of Lebanese-Croatian team infront of University building.

3.Prof.dr. sc.Anđelko Milardović infront of symbols of French political culture.

4.Prof.dr. sc Yves Poirmeur in conversation with prof Anđelkom Milardović.

5.Dinner at restaurant Le Procope which was founded in 1686.

6. Strolling towards Versailles.

7. Yasser Alayli andđelko Milardović at Montmartre.

8. New friends infront of fountain at Montmartre.

9.View of Paris.

10.Artist quarters Montmartre.

11.Infront of Salvador Dali.

12. In a role of captain,Montmartre.

13. Leisure time,Montmartre.



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