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Institut za Europske i Globalizacijske Studije

Institute for European and globalization studies

Institute for European and Globalization Studies




Department for Russia, Eurasia and China conducts interdisciplinary research on Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, South Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan), Central Asian states (Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), China and North Korea, as well as analysis of their relations with each other and with other regions.

Department is made of experts in the field of political economy, energy, political science, international relations, culture studies, and history. Using this knowledge and competence, the Department is able to provide expertise, analysis and research in all abovementioned fields.

Russia and Eurasia make for one of the World’s most significant energy sources. Overall, it is an area of interfering geopolitical changes and instabilities, but also one of the World’s important transport intersection. As a rising global economic superpower, China strives towards more involvement with Eurasian countries and seeks more influence in EU and Balkan region. Every government organization and private enterprise that contemplates foreign policy and trade must take into account the impact that Russia, Eurasia and China have on the World, EU, and especially the Balkans and Croatia.

Department for Russia, Eurasia and China provides expert knowledge and experience, fluent Russian speakers with many years of research experience who have spent a part of their professional life in this geographic region.

Sanja Tepavčević, PhD


Institute for European and globalization studies

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