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Institut za Europske i Globalizacijske Studije

Institute for European and globalization studies

Institute for European and Globalization Studies




Department for Turkey and the Middle East is engaged in interdisciplinary research of Turkey, the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. It brings together experts in the field of political science, economics, culture, history and Islamic studies. With this knowledge, the department is able to provide expertise, analysis and research in political science and economics.

These are areas of strong geopolitical changes and turmoil but are also the centre of the development of political Islam and important intersection of the World's transportation routes and energy source. Any public institutions and private enterprises that consider foreign policy foreign trade must take into account the impact of these regions on Europe, the Balkans and Croatia.

Department for Turkey and the Middle East provides specialized knowledge and experience, speakers of Arabic, Persian and Turkish language, which have many years of research and involvement in those regions, and have spent part of the professional life in this geographical area.

Vedran Obućina


Institute for European and globalization studies

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