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Institut za Europske i Globalizacijske Studije

Institute for European and globalization studies

Institute for European and Globalization Studies




Department for Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans is engaged in interdisciplinary research of political, security, economic and social relations within the region and brings together experts from the field of political science, sociology, economics, history and culture to provide knowledge, professional and scientific analysis, and research in the field of security, political science and economics. The Department is an open forum for discussing most important issues and fundamental regional problems. Therefore, it focuses on organization of relevant conferences, specialized seminars, summer schools, and building of academic networks.

As a zone of European instability, during the past years the area of ​​the Balkans and Southeast Europe has been a frequent subject of political analyses that considered the impact of very different components on the formation of political, security and economic identity of the region. The geopolitical position of the Balkans is observed through the relations among the great powers that have historically, and even to this day, refracted its political, strategic and economic interests in the region. With its geostrategic properties, closely interconnected with the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and also the Danube area and Central Europe, the region is a zone of a post-Cold War great geopolitical game. It is the area of increasingly competing interests of the United States, European Union, Turkey, Russia and China.

Department for Southeast Europe and Western Balkans works precisely on these issues; it focuses on the problems that affect not only the regional countries’ past, but also the current situation – political, economic, social and cultural transformation of the region after the Cold War. The Department provides knowledge and expertise, and can assist regional governments, international organizations, business and academia. All professionals involved in the work of the Department are intensively following regional situation. The Department will soon provide a wide range of analyses regional issues, in both Croatian and English language.

Jadranka Polović, PhD


Institute for European and globalization studies

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